5 Things You Should Buy When Turning Your Garage Into A Home Gym

When most people think of gyms, they usually think of local fitness and health centers, full of sweaty men and women pumping iron. They also think about the costly memberships, and the time it will take them to get to the gym. In most cases, these are the main reasons why these people avoid visiting gyms and settle for a sedentary lifestyle, which usually leads to a plethora of health issues.

If you are one of these people, worry not, because there is a solution, and it involves turning your garage into a proper gym. To do that, all you have to do is go with a cheap way to organize garage and buy some proper gym equipment. To help you with the second part, we have prepared a short list of the things to buy when turning your garage into a home gym.

1. A barbell

dhjd874Firstly, purchase a barbell. However, instead of buying the cheapest one, you can find, go with a high-quality one. Keep in mind that buying a cheap bar will only cost you more in the long run, given that you will have to replace it pretty soon. Whether you flake the chrome pieces, break it, or bend it, you will eventually have to buy a new bar.

When purchasing a bar, look for those that have a tensile strength of at least 150.000 PSI. Also, look for the bars that feature a snap ring sleeve design or an end cap design.

2. Weight plates

Once you get a bar, you will need weights for it, of course. Unless you plan on becoming a true powerlifter, go with bumper plates, instead of standard iron plates. Thanks to a plethora of models and competitors on the market, you can easily find bumpers of your choice and at great prices.

To save money, make sure to buy bumper plates in sets. However, do plan ahead if you want to buy a set. Don’t just purchase something you can lift at the moment unless you want to buy new sets every month or so. Buy something that is above your current lifting capabilities, so that it can last you for a longer period of time.

3. Kettlebells

Next up, look for the kettlebells. What you’ll need is a small selection of kettlebells, so that you can clean, snatch, and swing. Even though a full set of kettlebells may be expensive, at first, you will not need many of them. Start by getting a couple of bells and then add new ones as you become stronger.

When purchasing kettlebells, make sure to avoid those that are coated with an epoxy, as they will easily chip and flake. Also, avoid the bells that have casting seams or molding on their handles, as they can cause severe damage to your hands.

4. A pull-up bar

With a pull-up bar, you can set up 2 types of configurations. You can either purchase a squat stand or a ceiling-mounted bar. However, if you have a bigger budget, go with a power rack. With it, you can do pretty much anything you would do in a gym – rack pulls, back squats, bench presses and so on.


5. Plyo boxes

Some of the most explosive gym exercises include Olympic lifts, throws, and jumps. However, these exercises can be complex and difficult, especially if you have shoulder or elbow issues.

In order to benefit from these exercises and protect yourself, make sure to purchase a couple of plyo boxes, in order to safely perform your jumps.